The Glitch in Sleep got me thinking about dreams. So I was wondering what is the scariest or funniest or weirdest or best or funnest or craziest dream you have ever had? You can post it on the comments.
The funnest dream I ever had took place in a shopping mall. I was walking around when I suddenly realized, Hey this is a dream. I can do whatever I want!
So I emptied the store of all the shoppers until it was just me and then went around getting anything I wanted for free. And the coolest part was while I was doing that, I was flying. I was flying through all of the stores and getting anything I wanted. I was super happy when out of the blue this robber came up to me and demanded for me to give him all of my stuff. I was starting to get scared when I remembered, It's a dream! So I reached into a bag and pulled out a laser gun. I hit the guy with it and he exploded into a billion pieces. And I woke up.
Your turn!

p.s. I know funnest isn't technically a word but whatever


My most fun dream was when it was a robots apocalypse. In my dream, they captured me to take me to their leader but then the driver of the vehicle we were riding was actually a good guy and with one hand he cut the rope binding my arms and with one move I got the special grenade from my utility belt, uncapped it, force-opened the door, got out while it was still moving and leaving the grenade inside.
It was awesome!!!1
-Faye here, peace out.

id say that it was the most

id say that it was the most best dream ever and its wiered cause i dream about the seems sometimes u no wat i mean