Does anybody know how this worked?

So I've been wondering this ever since I finished The Split Second:

How, exactly, did Becker explain all the bruises (and broken tooth) from the fight with Thib--not to mention the frostbitten hands and feet--to his parents?

This could apply to The Glitch in Sleep as well, I suppose, but any bumps and/or bruises he received during that mission are probably nothing to what he got in the Split Second.

I was going with the assumption that he told everybody he'd fallen down or something, which could account for the bruises and broken tooth, but maybe he didn't. And I'm still trying to figure out the frostbite. (Actually I know next to nothing about how fast frostbite heals or how bad Becker's was, so maybe I shouldn't be running my mouth, but ... Still.)

So, any ideas? (A definite answer from Fixer Drane wouldn't go amiss either, but judging by the last blog entry, I don't think that's gonna be coming. (Also, I haven't read The Lost Train of Thought yet, so the blog is the only thing I have to go by.))




I thought it kind of depended on how severe the frostbite was. Of course, it never actually said, so again, I really probably shouldn't be talking at all.


Frost bite

You can't tell that you had frostbite it looks like it was never there except a redness at the tips but i doubt his parents look at his fingers all day, and I agree on the technical advances and stuff.


Yeah ... Unfortunately, I don't expect anything out of him either. But an invitation that's never answered is better than none at all. *Shrug*

And you're right about that, too. Actually, I didn't even think about the possibility of a hospital--which, now I think of it, was pretty stupid of me. Because he was talking about getting everybody *else* there, so I should have thought he'd get checked over himself.

Oh well, call me stupid, but that possibility just totally slipped my mind. :)



dude, the seems can can Butt Whuppin', package Time and store Sleep. I'm sure the Care Givers have amazing advances in medical tech that could fix a Fixer in no time. I'm not sure if thats how it really works, but it seems like it makes sense.

by the way, i wouldn't expect anything out of Becker.


What he said (and/or she)