I don't want pink to disappear but maroon can disapear.

Pink Stinks! ( Like, Literally, It Smells )

"Scrape it up people! We're leaving this thing once and for all!"
"That's it. I've had enough! COLOR WAR!!!"

And, scene! Okay people, that's a rap! That's how it would play out. But still I agree with AtamagaiiRyuu. Life needs all colors, no matter HOW annoying they may be. BTW, maroon ROCKS.
Smile for the camera! :P Next picture! :( Do it better this time! :) Almost there! :s Really? You look like you're going to barf up your lunch! :F I'm wasting my breath........... :D :D :D

Catch you on the flip side!
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neon orange. orange just shouldn't be neon.

arlo12 is right

I agree with arlo12. :^)
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why on earth should they scrap another color? everything's fine the way it is, and doing that might trigger another Color War.

(plus, what have you got against maroon?!) :/

~C@ther!ne ^_^


That is really random.

What are you talking about?!

We definitly don't need a second color war! And if that happened, then more colors could get lost! Personally, i hate pink, but really,...


i agree with aro 12


Call it Rhite. Or Whed. Just not pink. Pink is too stereotypical.
I have pie. Your argument is invalid.

Burd! :>

why scrap any!?!?

sorry, i havent read the second two books so i may not be clued in, but why scrap any? they are vital to the way we see The World, and the way we interact to it.


They must keep yellow blue and green!!! Those are my favorite colors!!


Although there are several colors I could do without, I realized that each color is important to me. If certain colors disappeared, perhaps their meanings would disappear. I'm not to fond of pink, but certain texts and movies/shows would lose some meaning with it. Take Legally Blonde for instance. I mean, without pink, the whole movie would be screwed. The same for others. Red for cautiousness, blue for an open mind, and so forth. Colors, whether good or bad, whether I like them or not, are vital to me living and experiencing.

u r so

u r so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

live 2 fix...fix 2 live

you're right! LILH~hpnj

you're right!


Keep Yellow

You really have to keep yellow. I mean, what would happen to lemons if it disappeared?



green has to stay.....but i wish pink would take a hike. It can disappear for all i care
aka fixer #39


Well, forest dark green is my favorite color along with sky blue, so I don't want them to disappear over Time. I kinda like maroon though. Pink is OK, I guess.

What they should scrap.


I am the seventh star. The world will bow down to me.

They Can't Scrap Pink

It wouldn't be very nice of them to scrap pink. It's a neccesary color. What if a child decides to mix red and white in art class? Then what?

Then what?

Then pink will be discovered again. :) That answers your question. :P
I'm only jokin' round... no hard feelings! Peace only!

-CPG (CatchPhraseGal) <3


I agree! Pink should definitely not be scrapped! It's one of my fave colors, along with violet, blue, and teal. Don't take me for a girly girl, I am NOT one! It's just that pink's one o' those colors you can run to for calmness. (You know, pale, baby pink? Or---also---hot pink?) :P


teal's my favorite color too!!!!
most people don't even know what that is