Christmas Present fors joo

Ok guys, as we all are (or at least most of us are ant way) I'm pretty upset about what happened to Becker (no spoilers). So as a gift to you, I HIGHLY recommend reading the Xanth series. With over 34 books its a good way of passing the time while we wait for the seems: A better Place. Tell me your thoughts on this series after you've read one. (and Please please please please please tell me if you already have.)

Forever trying to raise spirits,

P.s. You don't have to read Xanth in order for it to make sense. This is all you need to know

1.It's full of puns, good and bad.

2.Every one on Xanth has a magic talent an no two are the same.

3.Xanth is a magic peninsula

4."Mundania" is the place where magic doesn't exist.

So yeah thats it... See you later.


Fixer 52

Sounds good to me.