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Bunch of questions that sparked my curiosity after reading the Split Second...

1. Who is Triton? Possible suspects?

2. What consequences will Becker get for breaking whole mess of rules with that visit to Caledon?

3. Jennifer Caley- possible future employee of the Seems?

4. Is Thib a true member of the Tide or just a double agent (he helps Becker a bit too much)?

5. Will Sully go back to Case Worker or at least "rejoin" the Seems?

6. Why did the Time Being join the Tide?

7. Becker and Jennifer's future relationship?

Submit any answers or other questions to this formum!!!

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My answers

1. Samuel Hightower
2. Becker & JK won't remember each other & Benjamin won'tremember the Seems
3. Yes, case worker
4. Double agent
5. "Rejoin"
6. Because it's fun
7. Boyfriend & girlfriend



yeah eveything you said is real. all answers from the 3rd book.

Live to Fix - Fix to Live*1.

Live to Fix - Fix to Live*1. Triton is eve hightowers husband samuel hightower 2. becker will unremmember jenny & she will unremember him 3. jenny will be a case worker 4. thib is a undercover agent 5. sully will rejoin 6. she truly doesnt like the plan 7. they date .....these are answers from BOOK 3.
Live to fix-Fix to Live

Answers in the book

All of those answers are in the book except sully. But he's a genuis so ya i guess he would stay.

Read #3

answers to 1-4, see book 3.
#5 Sully is a record geinus, he helped save the world at that department. no way he would leave.
6&7, see book 3.


i know the answers to all the questions except sully just read the lost train of thought


1.Bobfrog, you are not crazy, I think it's Fixer Blaque as well.
2.Doesn't it say on the blog he's being put on trial?
4.True member, he just still cares for his old friend.
5. Rejoin, write his book, but stay in Record. As it says in the book, he truly loves his position.
6.I don't know. I didn't like her much. She was a great character, though.
7.A long relationship. And lots of fanfiction.


1. I think Triton could be fixer blaque! I know it sounds crazy but it makes a little sense right??
2. I heard that Becker gets suspended and can no longer do missions.
3. I have a feeling that Jennifer Kaley will help Becker on his next mission bringing themcloser than ever!
4. I think he was a true member of the tide but now ever since the rooftop encounter is now leaning more towards Becker's side.
5. I think Sully liked his department of records job a lot and will stay there but have frequent visits from Becker.
6. I think the Time Being knows who Triton is and was on his side before...and he spoke to her creative side too i agree.
7. I think Jennifer and Becker will be allowed to be together after she helps saves The World not to mention The Seems!!

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t time being

i think the time being joined because triton appealed to the creative side of her nature


1. Triton is NOT thib and have no possible suspects as of the split second
2. A whole lot if you ask me, he's asking for trouble by breaking the Golden rule and a lot of others. He wont get by too easilly.
3. I think yes, she'll need to take the SAT before she can even consider it but i think she'll get in.
4. well, DUHHH, of course he's a true member of the tide. He's just helping beck out a little bit. You don't see him helping out other fixers do you?
5. Nahh, I think he's had enough of the seems for one lifetime to enjoy(or not).
6. She is very neutral in this situation. Or, maybe she's like thib, and might be a double agent to give info to the seems.
7. They'll probably have a few more run ins by the 3rd book and might even see her in the seems if they have a fourth.