The Blues

Do you ever just get down in the dumps for no reason? I do. I guess that’s why they named a whole category of music, The Blues. I think The Department in The Seems responsible for The Blues is Thought & Emotion, but it doesn’t really help that much even if you know.

Sometimes I get down about my job (Fixer), school (Lafayette or HPHS), my family (Benjamin), and my personal life (Jennifer Kaley.) I know when I get The Blues that nothing’s *really* wrong. I know it’s just my imagination telling me things that aren’t real – but it sure feels real.

When I get The Blues I like to go for a walk or play my violin even though I don’t know how. I wish I hadn’t quit lessons with Gwen Sanisoli all those years ago when my Mom signed me up. She just wanted me to learn to play a musical instrument for my own good, but you know how it is when you’re young – you think you know everything. Maybe one of these days I’ll ask Lisa Simms, this English Fixer who also plays violin for the London Philharmoic, to help get me back on the horse…

But today, I’m just feeling blue about everything. Even the weather outside today is kind of wet and rainy. I wonder what comes first, the Weather or The Blues? That would be something for me to check on and write a paper about next year in High School. I heard Mrs. Rolfson’s 9th grade English Class is really hard and you have to read some like 500 page book called “The Caine Mutiny.”

That will probably give me The Blues, too.

Anyway, I better go before I depress everybody, including myself, even more.

Keep on keeping on...