As some of you may have noticed, my brother (Ferdinand Becker Drane III), has been failing miserably in his pledge to keep up this blog. While some people look at him as a hero, I see him for the messy-roomed, angst-ridden, little-brother-bad-treating, Highland Pizza-zeppole-stealing tweenager that he is.

For those of you who know the history of the so-called "BeckerBlog", you may recall that I took it over once before and was reprimanded harshly. But now, since my brother is apparently too cool to blog, I am taking over until a) he notices b) he beats me or c) all of the above.

BenjaminBlog will be an improved version of BeckerBlog, just like I am an improved version of Becker.

Looking forward to being your new favorite son (at least for a little while.)

Benjamin Drane I