Becker Drane

Rule Of Fiction

Fixer 52

Even though I haven't read the last two books, I know the one big rule of fiction, since I am a writer myself. This was a quote from Oscar Wilde: "The good ends happily, and the bad unhappily. That is the rule of fiction." Due to this, Becker couldn't have possibly died, but if he did, there has to be a continuum. So don't worry so much, because the Rules prohibit anyone from ending a book unhappily for the good guys. Becker will probably be back soon. Hopefully this message will set your mind at ease, and, by the way, I think he went to Seemsberia. He's not dead, or the message on the blog couldn't have gotten through. Grievously injured, yes, but alive.


I don't think they can end the series like this! THERE MUST BE MORE TO THE STORY!