are the seems real or not?

say yes or no if u think its real or not


no matter how much doubt comes into your mind remember the seems is there

To the person who said that

To the person who said that it's only fiction: Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it isn't truth.

Well, I Wish

Just saying, I love the series, but it's still fiction. That's my point of view. But for those who belive it's real, I mean who would't want it to be? I just don' t believe it's real.


i belive in the seems i

i belive in the seems i think its real i really do
non belivers


it would be really awesome, but the seems is fiction.
fiction-literature in the form of prose, esp. short stories and novels, that describes IMAGINARY events and people
if u dont believe me, look at the the first few pages of the book, before the story actually starts. one of these pages should say something like Text copyright 2007 (it says 2007 on the glitch in sleep) by john hulme and michael wexler, then it should go on to say where it was published, the summary, etc. it also says:
(1. Sleep-Fiction. 2. Technology-Fiction. 3. Space and Time-Fiction)
these are the genres. notice the word FICTION.
i wish i was wrong though. i would love i if there were actually a seems.

I Wish!!

Miri The Dreamer
Sometimes, I wonder if I'm foolish to think it's real, or if I'm foolish not to beleive so, but it would be nice if it were real (if It isn't).


(see title)


How else was the world made? I mean in church God made the world (that's what my religeon belives), but scientists think differently. The Seems settles it all.


I totaly agree!!Its all real.

live to fix.
fix to live.


its defently real!!!!!

live to fix
fix to live


Of course its real!
Why would it not be :)
I cant wait till I get a job there!


i totaly agree with you. and sometimes, i get this really weird feeling right before an earthquake, hurricane, tornado ( especialy the one that almost hit my house cuz we never get tornados where i live), and stuff like that. i can always feel when something is about to go wrong. and im thinking, if the 7th sense is real, isnt the seems real?





but when i think of it it makes my day just a little brighter and helps get me through tough times

It Depends

It depends because I think that it has to do with your belief in the book / story.


it is so real. what would we be doing if it wasnt real. be sitting duck thats what. besides how else would you be living. doesnt everyone at leaste get some kind of weird feeling every now and then mabe a longing of some sort what do you call that( and i dont mean the longing to have a cookie)



I don't think the seems exists, but maybe a place like the seems.

Yes and no

yse and no it bothers me to think there real cus im a religues person (even though i can't spell it right) but in a corner of my brain i find myslef thinking what if yes they must be real, it's a real delima for me i can't seem to decide.

Re:Yes and no

Same here. It SEEMS (no pun intended) logical, but I'm I don't know what to think.

It can be both.

Just because you're religious, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Seems isn't true. Many religions are vague, and the Seems can fill those certain blanks. Also, please note that religious texts aren't written by whatever God(s) you believe in, but by humans, by people of that time. Of course, you can think about The Most Amazing Thing of All. Maybe the deities we worship are the answer behind this. I myself am religious, but also have a strong belief in the Seems.


I am kind of the leading person in my grade, and i come up with plans all the time. But whenever i come up with a plan, i always have a tiny feeling i need more. i mean, i am happy with my life, but i know i was put into this world for somthing big.


live to Fix Fix to live

peace out peoples

from the creator of carrotman!!

I agree

Though i feel the same way its hard to believe they are but u never know.

of course!

Why not? and how not?
im gonna find out for shure.

Heck Yes

I sometimes get these tingly feelings. Also it would be very cool if The Seems are real
Live to Fix
Fix to Live

I dunno, but...

I was at the mall yesterday, when I suddenly got this crazy shiver run down my body, randomly...7th sense?

some what.

seems it could be real or at least in part for example there are many references that are very exact when mentions the many things in the town of highland park. of course that could also be since the authors come from there.

the seems are real

of course the seems are real! thats why you sleep and time moves!

One of those "Do you believe in..." things

Frankly, for me, it's split halfway. 50/50. I have my doubts, but it makes sense to me in some way. I think we'll really never know these sort of things!

- fabric_of_reality

i've read all of these and i

i've read all of these and i mostly agree on yours i feel exactly the same way.


Yep. They've got to be. Too perfect to have been made up!



that sounds totally real

Real or no

I think it's real and on my first try i aced my S.A.T test i got a perfect score of 2400 and i have only read oe book i was amazed if there is a job at the seems i hope they will put us in!

Of course!

Of course the seems are real everything makes so much sense

Live to fix, fix to live

we'll never know

you might never know, but all the things point to seems, the other side of the pillow is always colder than the side you lay your head on, why shouldnt you just get the same amount of sleep every night? answer? The Seems, we might never know.
live to fix,fix to live


do you think an author (or 2) just wakes up and says "I have an ideal for a a book."what if the author works at The Seems and wrote stories about it. what if the book isn't fiction!

Ummm... Yeah!!!

Of course it is, and I've seen the door to prove it, But i need the goggles to get through, if any one finds a pair the location of the door will be revealed!!!

A.K.A. Fixer #38
[seemsianjm11 is just my codename]


Totally found some! Plus, would someone get my faulty Me-2 off my back!? They can be so annoying sometimes..... I need to put a lock on my account..... And my room!!! I might want to put into consideration my house as well.... It can go live life as a hobo for all I care!!!!!!!

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Krystal Meyers, #52
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P.S. Don't call me Krystal, call me Krys, Sihz was just my code name.

Well look they never say u

Well look they never say u need goggles idk how your gonna explain if u come home with freashly red but is it worth it if u know it the door for sure.

you don't need them...


in book 2, Jackal gives his ONLY set of googles to Becker and then later comes to the world...

Live to Fix, Fix to Live.
Live to Read, Read to Live
(I mean reading The Seems!)



yes their real!!!!! Why wouldn't they be!!

Live to Fix. Fix to Live


OF course not, as much as it would be cool!

For me, yes

Why would it be otherwise? My life is better than many others, but...sometimes I hate it. It would be great if there was a Seems. Just the thought of it makes my life seem brighter. On my worst days, I have the Seems to look up to. I think that's how most of us feel. Even if it isn't real, the Seems seems better than our lives. The Seems is what gets us through the day, through good and bad times. We want the Seems to be real. And because we believe it's real, it IS real. For some of us, it's the only thing we have.

I totally agree with you

Nobody thinks their life is perfect...least of all me. I mean I have the basics... food, shelter, family, schooling. But I KNOW there is something missing. There is something I am meant to do but I can't find it. The Seems offers jobs for people like gives me hope in the world.


I totally agree with you.
I always feel out of place wherever I go or whatever I do.
I so what to find one of those " The BEST Job In The World " formus.
I got a 2400 on my S.A.T. so maybe a Fixer for me??.......
Live To Fix - Fix To Live!
Black Tea

I think so...

would'nt it be just amazingly cool if the seems do exsist. I want to find a door so I can see for myself.

i hope

man that would be so cool
but it would only b good if i was a fixer and if i had a cool briefer like simly or shan
me and my friend are gonna look everywhare for a door and if we find one i will post it on here HEY CASE WORKERS pleese make shure i
find one , it would make my life alot more exciting


all I wanted to find out is

all I wanted to find out is what people think

Of Course

how dare you if you think the seems are not real!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, The Seems are real! Why wouldn't I be a Fixer?
Live To Fix. Fix To Live.

my case worker is asleep or something

case workers ensure a good life?mine must be asleep on the job or maybe she/he just doesnt like me.