The Annual Case Worker's Dinner

Last night I went to a very cool event. About a month ago I got invited to be an honorary “Maitre’ D” at The Annual Case Worker’s Dinner. The Annual Case Worker’s Dinner is this one time per year event (duh), at which all the Case Workers from the Big Building are honored.

It takes place in the Atrium of The Big Building (with an hors d’ouevres hour on the roof!), and there's an amazing buffet and guest speakers. All the Case Workers are there (so there is tons of security) and everyone wears black tie and come with a date – and it’s just a big celebration. As you know, Case Workers in The Seems are majorly important because they are the maestro’s behind helping people on their twisty paths and nudging them in the right direction. You have to be able to juggle many people’s lives in your head and think like 18 Moves ahead (more than in chess!) about how multiple paths, Twists of Fate, Strokes of L.U.C.K., and ordinary everyday events will play out!

Each year, a handful of people from different Departments are invited to be “Honorary Maitre’ D’s” – and we wear suits and ties (with our Badges) – and greet people when they come in. It might not sound like much, but take my word for it, it's a very big honor. I was especially stoked because just overhearing the dinner conversations between Case Workers about possible plans for The World and listening to the awards ceremony (“Nice Move,” “Best Blessing in Disguise,” “Biggest Contribution to The Plan” ) was very enlightening. There was a rumor going around that Danny Sullivan was actually going to show up – he was a famous Case Worker who burned out under all the pressure and dropped off the face of The Seems -- but he was nowhere to be found. Too bad, because they still teach some of his best Moves at the I.F.R.'s course on Planology, and I would have loved to meet him in person. Maybe next year...

Anyway, it was fun because I got to hang out with all the other Honoraries… not to mention the buffet. There was shrimp, salad, a carving station with Prime Rib (all catered by the Food & Drink Administration), and Dazzleberry Pie (my favorite) for dessert! I was even tempted to get a few autographs, and whisper in a couple ears about things I’d like to see happen in The World (Benjamin move into his own apartment on the other side of town??) but I didn’t think it would be conduct befitting a Fixer to do that.

Well, I’d better go because you know how long blogs are? Fun at first, then you’d rather be at the dentist!