ALL Fixers! Please Read!!!

Dear Fixer,

Will you look around. Everywhere we see war, violence, racism, hate, crime. It is part of our everyday reality. There is however, things we can do to prevent these things from continuing. I am calling Fixers from around the globe to notice these things happening around you, and to start helping fix them. We need to work together in order for this to happen. Read the news, watch the news, and start learning. Every idea or act originates somewhere as a thought. There has to be a way for the Dept. of thought to reconsider what there putting out there, and we can help them. Together we can fix these problems.

If any ideas come to mind, please respond.

Fixer #97


That stuff may be bad, but it creates balance in The World.

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Sihz Sparks, #52
The World
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Would that really make it better?

I see the problems around us too. I don't like them either. But just think about it. Is a perfect World really perfect? To change the World we'd have to change human ideas. To do that, you'd have to change human nature. How long until we are no longer humans? The bad in the World is what makes it the World. That's why we need the Seems, why there are Fixers. If the World was perfect, would there be a Seems? Instead of trying to add more to the Fixer's work, maybe we should try to Make the World a Better Place on the human level. Get everyone to help, not just get the Fixers to work like dogs. They do enough already.


You disagreed with yourself john. :p :p :p

Seemslover3 out


I would have to disagree with you on that one. They r not in control. The powers that be are. I'm not saying the tide could do any of that. But we need to be cautious. The dept. Of thought does need to think about what there doing. The world should consist of less hatred than this.

Fixer #97
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Samuel Hightower is currently Second-in-command of the Seems, and at the head of the Powers That Be. Anyway, if I remember right (it's been a while since I re-read book three) several of the Powers That Be were leaning toward Samuel Hightower's opinions anyhow. So at least as of the end of book three, The Tide is a bit more in control than the Powers That Be.

:) Ashe

Well im not tide. Live to

Well im not tide.

Live to fix-fix to live!


That Sounds like somthing the tide would say.

Let's go Becker

I don't know ...

Maybe fixing The World in that way was the Tide's big goal, but not every attempt to make The World a better place is guaranteed to be a Tide action.

In any case, they are basically in control of The Seems at this point in time ... So if they wanted the Department of Thought to change their output in some way, odds are they could make it happen on their own.